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dog crate perfect for our new house dining room/kitchen corner

Patchwork Puppy Dog Harness w/Reversible Side & D-Ring Leash Attachment

High Society Red Damask Dog Harness Vest by KOCouture on Etsy, $65.00

Tear stains are common in dogs, especially smaller breeds like the Maltese and shih tzu. Tiny tear ducts are most likely to blame for the stains that accumulate underneath their eyes. If your pooches have tear stains, there are many ways to clean them and prevent new ones from forming.

Proper Use of Benadryl for Dogs ~ What I found is that Benadryl is used for a host of purposes including: Controlling itching Help stop vomiting Motion sickness A mild tranquilizer Snake bites Vaccination reactions Insect bites or bee stings Blood transfusion reactions The type of Benadryl that you give should be the name brand.

DIY Cat Tent from a T-Shirt and a Wire Hanger

Dog Age Calculator Find Dog's Age In Human Years

How to make an easy DIY dog crate pillow with a removable (therefore washable) cover. Pin now, attempt later!

5 signs your dog is in pain

If your dog licks and chews his feet, he may have dry skin, allergies or irritating scrapes causing discomfort. Adding Epsom salts to a warm bath relieves inflammation and pain when absorbed through the skin. 1. Fill bathtub with lukewarm water to a level just above your dog's paws. 2. Dissolve 2-3 cups Epsom salts to water. Stir the water with your hand to distribute. 3. Don't let him drink the water. Keep him in the tub for at least 5-10 minutes to soak paw(s). 4. Repeat daily as needed.