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Easy To Make Stone Art - write message on rock with pencil, Use Dremel w/grinding stone, run over pencil mark once to create groove, go over three times or until you reach desire thickness.

DIY water fountain using terracotta pots and old dishes. Use dremmel tool with special glass cutting drill bit to drill holes in center of dishes. Spray paint dishes and pots with fun colors. Layer dishes and pots threading plastic tube through the holes. Secure stacked dishes and pots with gorilla glue. Allow 24 hours to dry. Attach small fountain pump to tube underneath. Place on top of a brick inside a plastic flower pot or other solid container. Add stones and water. Enjoy.

custom frosted glass french press- use a dremel to etch the design instead

dremel possibilities

Dremel tool for carving in stone

Carving Rune Stones

Cut records with a dremel

Vinyl Record Cutouts

Nintendo iPhone Dock I feel like I could do this with a dremel