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Maya Angelou, such an amazing woman. This quote hits me hard; I never want to leave home; I never want it to change.

Inspired by: Beautiful Doorways - Hurray Kimmay

"Age and glasses of wine should never be counted." ~ Italian proverb.

i just like this word. :)

The Phraseology Project


A word on creativity - fresh hues

I know what I bring.

25park @25park | Websta

"I got my own back" -Maya Angelou

I got my own back

Katrina Mayerm

Katrina Mayer - Wellness and Longevity Advocate

Oh my gosh I love this!! I read that MLK may not have actually said this but I love it anyway.

peter pan

Yes and that is what retirement is all about, the choice to do nothing if we choose, love it!!

My husband needs to see this so he knows I am not alone in my morning ritual!