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Want to try kettlebells. Here are 22 Kettlebell Exercises, with target areas and descriptions.

22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises

It's that simple. I try to do this and things may get in the way and I may forget that school is still very important. but one said its impossible to balance both of these your own way.

Check out the snacks you can enjoy and still get that flat tummy.

Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting Workout--a 4 minute fat blaster that burns fat for up to 24 hours! #fatblaster #bellysculpting #workout #skinnyms

Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting Workout

Tone your abs this week by skipping crunches try these 3 Standing Abs exercises instead. Re-pin now, check later.

Skip the Crunches: 3 Ways to Work Your Abs Standing

Say goodbye to complicated and expensive weight loss programs, Fat Loss Factor is here. #fitness #weightloss #fatloss

The Fat Loss Factor | Diets |

SO GLAD I READ THIS! The Female Training Bible- Everything you need to know to get the body you want. {gets down to macro nutrients, explaining science behind work outs and your body and a way to personalise it}

Try the Medicine Ball Chop to sculpt your entire core. WORKS: INTERCOSTALS, OBLIQUES, ENTIRE CORE

Crush Ab Flab Muscle and Fitness Hers

You can have a “Christmas Tree” all year round with these Seated “Good Mornings” exercise by @ronzdabody. I love this exercise. (Note: A “Christmas Tree” refers to how the muscles in your lower back resemble a Christmas tree when shredded - see latest @d_stinto pic for example). Performed CORRECTLY, Seated Good Mornings are an excellent lower back exercise because they isolate the back, removing any assistance from the hamstrings & glutes

Hori's TAC3 Brings A Mouse And (Tiny) Keyboard To The PS3

malibooty workout

14 ways to tone Inner Thighs

16 Moves to Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs

Love Handle Exercises for Pregnant Women...cuz I never had them before and I don't want them now!!

Love Handle Exercises for Pregnant Women | LIVESTRONG.COM

Teapots - Works obliques & helps get rid of love handles. Bosu ball is optional. Stand with legs shoulder width apart, bend at your waist as far as you can without lifting your opposite leg off the ground or bending your supporting leg. Do 15-20 reps x 3-4 sets. I use 15-20 lb dumb bells.

Daily motivation (25 photos)

I hate lying on the floor and doing crunches. I always look for core exercises like this to keep me from having to do regular crunches.

BRUONIS: Crunches are Overrated.

Love Handle Exercises Thatll Torch Your Muffin Top

Let's Talk Muffin Tops...And How to Get Them to F*&% Off Already