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Friends: Things We Remember

Matt leBlanc (Joey Tribiani)

"WHY GOD WHY!?" -Joey Tribiani

joey tribiani ❤

Chandler Bing and Joey Tribiani best bros

Pheebs and Joey :) Friends ♥

Joey (gallon of milk in under 30 seconds)If you've watched the episode you know it's pee your pants funny..LOL every time!

#CHANDLER #ROSS #JOEY #FRIENDS i love this guys, they are so funny

Quintessential Joey and Chandler :-)

Who is Joey Tribbiani?

Ok, so these "keep calm" posters drive me insane but I have to say this one made me smile! (And I bet you just read it the way Joey says it!) Gotta love "Friends"

The unforgettable Ross Geller