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People to be on the lookout for at Rescue Shelters or "Adopting" animals (to be abused). All around animal abusing/killing scumbags.

Give Maximum Sentence to James Guy Bull! In March 2014, James Guy Bull was witnessed by neighbors assaulting an 8 month old, female pit bull terrier puppy. Police noted that she was chained to a post with about 8 inches of tether, no food, no water and no shade in the hot Florida sun. She was described as "clearly emaciated". Bull was charged for his actions. We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that the maximum sentence under the law be given to Bull on all the three counts he is facing.

Petition | Give Maximum Sentence to James Guy Bull! | English

DO NOT ADOPT TO ~ Chrystall Lewis Behl, Keller Texas ~ “I don’t F*CKING care! I will see him DEAD before they help him!” Said in response to plea from Foster for help with transport to Adopter. This piece of human garbage pulled 2 dogs from some shelter, then she took one of them back the next day and had him PTS because she didn’t ever have a foster for either of them, she called me crying and I drove to Texas and got Titus and she took the pledges and bought from breeder.

Anyone in Michigan see this POS give the local Five-0 a friendly call. Throw this child beater in jail where he belongs! PLEASE pass this posting on. Put it on your Facebook or Tumblr or Tweet it. Spread the word! (I am sharing this post from another off Facebook).

Beware of this animal killer!!! She has strangled dogs by their throats. She's hung dogs by their leash from trees. She did several homemade castrations using rubber bands. She's been caught on video punching a dog in the face repeatedly for going to the bathroom in her car. The list goes on. Her name is ASHLEY NICOLE MILLER. She asks Rescues to pull dogs from the shelters for her. Don't do it! She has spent many years in jail multiple times for cruelty to animals. Beware of her!!!

Awarenes...CTV News Channel:Kayla Bourque, 23, Animal killer to be released in Metro Vancouver Canada, Officials warn of animal killer's release from jail B.C. justice officials have issued an unusual public warning about a high-risk, violent, convicted animal killer who has been released from jail and plans to live in Vancouver.

426816_10151022449058168_1537765118_n by momiecat, via Flickr - Left Yorkie in hot car to die - sociopath - did not care. Needs to be in jail for a long time. The laws for abusers need to be stronger to deter animal abuse/torture/murder. Very sad for the little pup.

WilliamsRaymesHeyas by momiecat, via Flickr - WARNING - Williams Raymes Heyes is an animal abuser. He should never be allowed to be around animals. The law will not punish him enough for his crime. He is the FACE OF EVIL! Be aware if you see him! Not sure of the state he is in but could turn up anywhere. No sure if he is in jail but should be!!

PETITION ~ The Deportation of Milan Rysa: Write to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Asking for his Deportation ~~ Milan Rysa, 32, who threw his 50-pound pooch out of his Astoria apartment window last year, served time in jail and now faces deportation to the Czech Rep.The dog, a Shar-Pei was killed in the fall. “He tossed a defenseless dog out the window and we need to toss him out of the country,” said Vallone (D-Astoria). .”Onlookers back in Sept 2011 were horrified ~~ 115 Signatures needed

Boycott the New York Jets and anyone else that supports/endorses Michael Vick/Dog Killer!

  • J D⚡⚡⚡

    Just because he can throw a football he makes millions, and people kiss his ass. He's typical. He should be held down and have his nasty nuts cut off, then shoved in his mouth, then kicked in the bottom of his chin, and forced to swallow.

WTF? Bastard should be put in the dog ring himself!! Rep Steve King -Defends Dog Fighting. King is a longtime advocate for legalizing dogfighting, cockfighting, and other forms of animal torture. Most recently, he fought legislation that would make it illegal to bring a child to an animal fight. He has also set aside his love for states’ rights in order to forbid localities from enacting anti-animal torture standards? This is the USA, vote wisely.

Do NOT allow this woman to adopt any animals from you.. she is NOT a rescue. Animals go to her house to die. Her name is Jamie Lattimer, but she calls herself JayMe or Nicole Lattimer. She lives in Ohio - she takes in animals and they mysteriously die or ‘get lost’ within weeks of being ‘rescued’. Please Share This Pin!!!

DO NOT ADOPT TO Jill Kaderly / Buda Texas. She failed to provide the most basic care to her animals including not even adequate food and water. On multiple occasions, Ms. Kaderly had no dog or cat food in the house for days at a time. At one point, Ms. Kaderly pleaded with a rescue organization to supply food for her animals the very day after she purchased several bottles of wine. Yet, Ms. Kaderly obtained two more dogs and a number of other animals while continuously trying to obtain more.


BAD - Please sign the petition to change laws...Cooney died a horrible death. She was a sweet loving beagle mix dog who was brutally tortured and killed by her owner Raymond Rios in Nevada. He cut her open with a box cutter and watched her intestines fall out while she ran around screaming, eventually bleeding to death. Make Raymond Rios pay for what he did!!!

Officials need your help to solve horrific act of animal cruelty.. On Monday, Jan. 7, 2013 Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (AC) officers responded to a call involving a one-year-old, male, pit bull terrier that had been intentionally tethered to a chain link fence and set on fire. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS (8477). All callers can remain anonymous. The public can also call Animal Care and Control at (561) 233-1200, extension 0.

If anyone knows who this is -- tell animal cruelty/abuse!!! Look what he is doing to that fur baby! Look at the bottle label! Look at that baby's lil face...scared too death! :(. Dirty Fucker!!!

South Carolina man accused of suffocating his sons puppy.The dog was wrapped, it's face, it's mouth, it's nose, it's entire head was wrapped up with black electrical tape so the dog couldn't open it's mouth or breathe. The rest of the body was just left open but it was put in a small closet with no food or water"