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you can't has my bone, its MINE! Bozzley w/his lamb bone

its my sheepy, you can't has it :P

one of his first toys, it has long since been torn to shreds lol (he's a rat dog, what ya want right? he'll shred all stuffed toys, these days we don't bother w/stuffies)

i know a lot of these are pix of bozz sleeping, but he's just SOOO CUTE when he's asleep ;)

couldn't ask for a cuter cuddle bug

my boys, Dec. 2010, blaine & bozz

i'm too cute

the family back in 2011, the photographer i was doing a shoot with was nice enough to do a couple of family portraits for us :) my beautiful partner Blaine & our 'son' Bozzely

the family (July 2014)

bozzley the elephant dog

my partner got a pic of us napping on the couch together, aren't we adorable :3

i loves you daddy!

i love it when he pulls his paws up like that, too cute

smiley bozz

'i'm fine, really' this pose made me think of something mentioned in OITNB, piper mentions a pillow w/a cow on its back that says underneath it 'i'm fine, really' and then later on i turned around to find the Bozz dog like this lol

whenever it gets above about 85 outside (or 80 & SUPER humid as it is in PDX) we fill the tub w/coldest water from the tap & dip in it periodically like a kiddy pool, and even bozzely gets in on the action :) look at that tail wag

Bozzley says 'these are not ducks like in the woods...LIES!!!!' our walk earlier 3/3/14

he's so cute when he is asleep :3 (march 2014)

baby Bozz passed out next to daddy's computer desk

i'm invisible

someone found a sweet sun spot :)

daddy made me a toy :)

go away dad, i'm sleepins

All sleepings after his first vet visit & first round of shots