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Gone to Seed

All things seed! To sow, to grow, to gather. And the humble beginnings of plants.

How to use toilet paper (best to buy a bleach free one) to make your own seed tape for things like carrots. Advises to alternate carrot seed with radish seeds as the radishes will mark the area faster and break the ground)

plantable seedling pots made from newspaper

  • Lola O'Brien

    But doesn't it work to simply form said newspaper into a cup shape, fill and plant? ;) That's a lot faster and easier!

  • Serena Kuma

    Depends on your goals I suppose

  • Lola O'Brien

    What is the advantage of this way, out of curiosity?

Seed Saving Tips: Harvesting Heirloom Garden Seeds for Next Year

Hot Potatoes! — Planting Potatoes. Tips on preparing and planting your potatoes.

Great demo on how to make seedling pots from newspaper. Super quick and easy. I will be making these soon for spring planting!

The best time to plant garlic is in the fall, about four to six weeks before the ground freezes. (Typically late September through October in the North; November through January in the South.) Plant individual unpeeled cloves flat end down and pointed tip up, about 4 to 8 inches apart. Set each clove about 2 inches deep in mild-winter areas, and up to 4 inches deep in cold-winter climates. Read more: www.herbcompanion....

Grow your own fresh ginger...

Brilliant! Seed ruler, I need to make one of these

Toilet paper seedlings cups - two out of one roll