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Yep... this is about as accurate as it gets... I LOVE this... where's the Love button at on this thing anyways?

Blue eyes.... you like?

*** Forgotten War Hero *** In WWI, this HERO served his unit. They gave him a medal... Now... because of the media... the country he loyally served misunderstands and wants to destroy him. Please help us stand up against the media by helping this photo get 20,000 shares so this hero isn't forgotten... push "share"... (please)

Best passenger I could ever ask for...

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### PLEASE READ ### Humans make pit bulls what they are. Yet they get all the blame? Be responsible and LOVE them. They are only a reflection of you.... ( Please help this get 15,000 shares to help spread the word that there are responsible pit bull owners that love their dog )

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** In Loving Memory ** Of all the amazing pit bulls... who are gone to soon due to ignorance and fear. Click "like" to show some love

Meet Winston! He is the sweetest boy and so laid back. He and his sibling was turned into a local shelter by his owners relatives after the owner went into the hospital. Winston was the lucky one, it breaks my heart to say that he was not so lucky. Winston is 4 years old. Winston is in a temporary foster home and I will get an update soon. He is good with other dogs. Winston is neutered and current on vaccine. If you would like to meet Winston, email mailto:luckylabsr...

Laylas next mate!!

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*** Question *** What's more dangerous? Pitbulls? ....... Ignorance? (vote below)

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Sully is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Sully currently lives with 2 other big dogs and does great and loves to play. He gets around just fine despite being blind and...