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Nautical!! Adorable AND Feminine!!!! xox

This is my first tattoo, is a Batman chest logo with the Batman silhouette from “Black and White: Vol:2”, the artist was Nefi Escamilla at Plexus Tattoo and Percing (San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica) i got it for a couple of reasons, first and the most obvious I love Batman, ever since i was a kid, i’ve been reading comics, watching tv series, movies, etc. wich bring me to the other main reason, the one that got me into the Batman world was my father, Batman is one of the few links my father sti

haha must get this for mother's day :) @Colleen Sweeney Sweeney Wittig

butterfly clock - so cool

Brindle pug puppy

Butterflies Moths, by W. Furneaux. Published in England by Longmans, Green Co., 1894.

love this. Made me think about my little dude. He wakes up and first thing he does is sit in my lap and hug me for a few minutes. best hug EVER! Makes my day and I wish I could spend a lifteime waking up to these hugs!

I think I FINALLY found MY Dragonfly tattoo!!

sloth and its cute little pudgy sloth belly!

Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL