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Worshipful Company of Coopers

Ideas for a coopering segment of the Renaissance Artisan project:

Mary Rose tankard

Measuring the angle of the staves. Accuracy now saves lost beer later.

antique tools /

Using an inshave to shape the inside walls of a tankard stave.

Calculating the correct angle for staves in making a wooden tankard.

"The Arte & Misterie of Coopering: A method to the mathness." A project from the School of the Renaissance Artisan

MaryRose-wooden tankard open to display pitch (?) lining

File:MaryRose-wooden tankard5.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Museum of London - Sixteenth century staved tankard found by a mudlark along the Thames

My new shaving horse for making staves

A cooper using his shaving horse as a workbench to make a bucket. The Mendel Hausbüch: Amb 317.2 ° folio 103 verso