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The Lean It UP ( pin board for all things related to fitness, nutrition, recipes, food, supplements, and health. We're ABs aficionados — GET AFTER IT!

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If you're a fan of Peppermint Patties, you'll love this mint chocolate blizzard protein smoothie.

Blend up this frothy, uber-delicious Almond Joy protein shake.

Love Snickers!? Make this lean Snickers-inspired protein shake.

5 Spookily Delicious, Candy-Inspired Protein Shake Recipes To Chug This Halloween [Recipes]

Here are 5 spookily delicious protein shake recipes inspired by popular Halloween candy — including Almond Joy, Reese’s, Snickers, Peppermint Patties, and Caramel Apples.

[Small Meal Recipe] Avocado, Tomato and Egg White Omelette, 230 calories/27g protein. Protein + healthy fats + antioxidants + fiber, next to zero carbs.

BOO! We’re dropping a SPOOKY five-pack of workout songs to pump up your Halloween — including Steve Aoki, Rihanna, Skrillex and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

From pancakes and cookies, to smoothies and shakes, here are 10 LEAN fall dessert recipes that’ll keep your stomach in check and taste buds salivating.

FINALLY a heart rate monitor without a strap. We dive into Fitbit's new line of fitness trackers and heart rate monitors — the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge.

Fitbit Drops 3 New Bands, Including The Surge 'Fitness Super Watch' — Complete With GPS And Heart Rate Monitor

Lean It UP WSOTD, 10.30: Calvin Harris & Big Sean — Open Wide

Supplement With Caution — Steroids, Viagra, And Other Banned Drugs Found In Multiple Dietary Supplements

We're going completely crazy for Yelle's new French pop banger — Completement Fou.

Strap On Your Oxygen Mask, First.

Strap On Your Oxygen Mask, First — Lean It UP Fitness

"Make sure to secure your own oxygen mask, first." If you're struggling, focus on yourself and get that right, first.

Strap On Your Oxygen Mask, First

[Report] Supplement With Caution — Study Finds Steroids, Viagra, And Other Banned Drugs In Multiple Dietary Supplements

The Apple Pie Crumble Protein Smoothie — 16g protein, 255 calories

TRY to avoid the candy in the bottom half of this list this Halloween. They're fattening sugar bombs.

Melt fat and build a tight, toned body with The Turbocharged Metabolism Workout.

Set goals, go HAM, try not to pass out.

A full ranking of the least damaging and most fattening Halloween candies.

We crunched the data and ranked the 60 most horrifyingly fattening Halloween candies. A whopping 40% of candy had trans fat. What's the worst sugar bomb? Get it all here.

“Everybody want to be a bodybuilder. But don’t nobody want to lift no heavy ass weights.” — Ronnie Coleman