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DIY Quiet Book

Sisters, What!: the Beastly Sunday Quiet Book - Churchy pages

Quiet book page. Dressing. Felt dolls tucked in their beds. Felt clothes in the dresser.

Book Of Mormon Lands | Hazbineldar: Updated Book of Mormon Map

Hazbineldar: Updated Book of Mormon Map

YW Night of Excellence. Signs

Book of Mormon map.....follow it while reading the scriptures it was drawn about.

Book of Mormon study map – Alma 1-27 | The Red Headed Hostess

Scripture marking system lets you sync your scriptures with Preach My Gospel!

Tutorials - HolyTabbs

Provo couple runs popular free LDS sheet music website : The Ticket

Diagram the Priesthood - Aaronic and Melchizedek -- offices and responsibilities. D 107:6-8 D 107-14-17 *What blessings from the Priesthood? *Which Priesthood holder has had the most direct influence to date on your life? Why? Ephesians 5:23 D 121:41-45 *What are the responsibilities of fathers? *Ask the girls to share an experience where they received a powerful blessing. *How do you want to see the Priesthood used in your future home? Ephesians 6:1-4

What an incredible visual reminder to the real power and protection of scripture study. Idea: Print this out for each YW (if you have a small class). Put in an envelope. Seal it. Then, tell all the YW to open their envelope at the same time. Study what they see. (3 mins). Look for as many details as they can and then write what they think this picture is expressing and why. What detail of this picture affected them the most?

I love the counsel given in Doctrine and Covenants 88:118-121, 123-126. It is some of the advice I ponder on often to know how to raise a righteous family in the last days. Here is a cute graphic I designed so I could hang it up where I could see it and ponder it often.

Doctrine and Covenants Overview Handouts. A chart, a timeline, and a chronological reading diagram that help readers see the basic structure of the Doctrine and Covenants. Especially useful for seminary or the 2013 Sunday school curriculum.

Some handouts for a Doctrine and Covenants overview

Doctrine and Covenants reading time we read this as a family we will use this chart

doctrine and covenants scripture mastery flash cards

Doctrine and Covenants Reading Chart

Doctrine and Covenants Reading Chart

titles for the Doctrine and Covenants - printable list to keep track of reading

Doctrine and Covenants Section TITLES | The Red Headed Hostess

Printable Scripture Mastery cards and posters! The illustrations really teach the scriptures!

The standards women should have for the men they date! After reading, you'll want to give a copy to every woman you know!

The Importance of a Good Man

Doctrine and Covenants 76 scripture marking

latter-day prophet, book of mormon, and articles of faith word searches for kids - great for general conference, sacrament meeting, family home evening, etc. |

LDS Word Searches For Kids - Free Printables | Live Craft Eat