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My USAF paper airplane and heart tattoo. I wanted an Air Force tattoo and an airplane but I would have felt bad picking one of the airframes over the other (of the ones I've worked on) so... A paper airplane seemed more delicate, general, and girly. I really love it!

Elephant tattoo. Symbol of strength and peace

Chris Weidman sits with his newly won UFC middleweight belt in front of him at the post-fight press conference.

For some reason I have become obsessed with how cute this is.

Interesting! Pretty much dead-on for me.

“A three second exposure meant that subjects had to stand very still to avoid being blurred, and holding a smile for that period was tricky. As a result, we have a tendency to see our Victorian ancestors as even more formal and stern than they might have been.” Absolutely lovely.

I should be studying.. Instead I'll put on a sombrero and play with this lizard. Yeah. I'd rather do this.

Not sure what all is real but interesting nonetheless.

If you really had a migraine you'd be doubled over a toilet crying and throwing up.