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August 31, 2012 - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Full Episode Video | Comedy Central

If the cop hadn't been carrying a gun, maybe this father would be alive today. Just sayin'

©AP/ Ernest Borgnine Another oldie and goodie. RIP

Really Morgan? How racist of you!

Photos: Wildfires rage in West - So sad!

This infuriates me!

John Edwards Acquitted-sometimes life is just not fair

TRENDING: Romney-Trump 2012 ? This is a better joke than: A man, a zebra, and a parrot walk into a bar.....

We've become such a disposable society that this is how we treat our elderly.

  • LeAnn Powers

    You have to open the article. Don't know why it put the commercial as the pin.

This disappoints me tremendously.How is banning gay marriage going to strengthen the family unit?

The one and only Dan Gable