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Iraq’s religious and cultural heritage has become the latest target of the militant group ISIS, who are engaging in systematic destruction. #artnetnews artnet's photo on Instagram

Mother/Daughter: Julie, 61 Isabelle, 32

mis-printed postcard found in a Seville, Spain flea market

The Beauty Calibrator invented by Factor in 1932. The device, which measured the degree to which a person’s face and head differed from what was deemed to be ideal, was used to determine the most effective makeup solution.

Makeup developed in the 1940s by Max Factor, Jr., for black-and-white television.

Jacquard punch card, ca. 1801. Joseph Marie Jacquard’s system of punch cards for automated looms was based on the work of Vaucanson, who in the 1740s had used the technology, often found in music boxes and automata, to make mechanized looms.

Jean Solé - Animaleries series, 1980 Drawings

Learn how to create a real rusted patina on any surface including plastic, wood, fabric and even paper

Rex Interstock Photography - Cat and Mouse.