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Rare Coins, Numismatics

July Coin Promo For every 20 $10 Liberty MS 63 Gold Coins, receive 1 for free! Plus Free Shipping and a Precious Metals Gift Card.

The Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coins are struck in 99.99% solid gold. The musical instruments appearing on each gold coin honor the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

1856-1858 Flying Eagle #Coin. In 1856, only a partial issue of 600 Flying Eagle Cents was produced and distributed to influential people. The purpose was to secure approval for the design. Word of the minimal striking spread and the 600 initial coins struck were soon selling for 2 dollars for each. That's 200 times face value. Quite astonishing for a new issue coin of the day.

1839-1857 Braided Hair #Coin. It became obvious at this time that the days of the Half Cent were numbered as more than 70 million of these coins were struck during this period. Imagine that at some time during our history, people were saying, "a half cent just doesn't go very far these days." In fact, by the end of this era, the Mint contemplated replacing the large cumbersome Cent with a smaller coin. The Flying Eagle coin was subsequently introduced.

By this time, mint officials realized the need to have Cents circulating through a growing economy, was tremendous. The so-called Matron Head copper was produced in several variations from 1816 through 1837 (plus 1839/6). Miss Liberty is restyled and now sports a more serious look. Because of the massive number of these coins produced, you may want to hold out for the Uncirculated addition to your collection.