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Garden Design

"A garden is where life happens. It’s a place were you learn to walk. Gardens teach us patience & force us to slow down & smell the roses. We grow & learn from our mistakes. When we think that we finally get an understanding of them we begin to put down roots. Gardens will always change on us so that we continually learn from them. They can be a place of frustration but they are mostly a place of peace. When life creates sudden changes your garden will be a place of refuge. In sadness or despair you can always rip the weeds from the soil & water the ground with your tears. The garden will always be there you just need to release it from the soil. Life & gardens have their seasons & in the end when all is said & done a garden is a place that can teach you to love & to live."

Patio Ideas

Patio Garden Ideas - All Patio Garden Design Ideas

Edible Landscaping - This winter while you're contemplating about the design for your yard next spring, think about putting a few vegetables in the mix. I love to do this and its always such a great surprise at just how beautiful it can turn out. The best part you get something to eat without the huge time and investment in creating a vegetable garden.

Edible Garden How-To

Water through the middle of a wide path adds sound, movement, a place for the birds to drink and a nice distraction for those on the path.

Lisa Orgler Design: PLANTING DESIGN TIPS Always good to have handy as reminder


a pallet playhouse tiny recycled diy shack fort side of house with clematis or climbing vine going up. Arbor

pallets | Old School Garden

Garden Design Ideas - featuring many different garden styles.

My Favorite Pins of the Week: Gorgeous Gardens | MommiFried

Another great garden design by David Feix. Perfect outside succulent garden for summers like last year. If only the dogs would cooperate!

paradis express: David Feix

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