"In 1967, Betty Mae Jumper became the first woman elected chair of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. She was the first woman to lead a major Native American tribe in the 20th century United States. Jumper was among the first Florida Seminoles to earn a high school diploma. She trained as a nurse and helped provide healthcare among the Seminoles, scattered in numerous camps from Indian River County to the Tamiami Trail."--State Library & Archives of Florida, on Flickr Commons

Comanche Native American Warrior by Bretz of Fort Sill - Oklahoma Territory (c.1880s).

The ancient bow-making tradition has never died among Oklahoma Choctaws, and today many work to ensure the survival of the artform

Navajo National Monument, Arizona, US Copyright: Paul Westcott. I slightly remember seeing a little of this with my parents when I was a young girl. Amazing site to see.

La-roo-chuk-a-la-shar (Sun Chief, aka His Chiefly Sun) - Pawnee 1868

Geronimo (1829-1909), Chiricahua Apache warrior, 1903 portrait by J.W. Collins.

Crow Man - 1883

Navajo Girl - "Navajo Smile" taken in 1904 by Edward S. Curtis.

Quanah Parker was the last Chief of the Commanches. He was never captured by the Army, but decided to surrender and lead his tribe into the white man's culture, only when he saw that there was no alternative - Native American

portrait of a young Navajo princess, photograph by E.O. Hoppe, 1927

Molly Spotted Elk (b. 1903), Penobscot Tribe- A Native American Glamour Actress and dancer who gained success in New York and Paris in the 1920s and 30s in silent films.

Chief Dewey Beard or Wasu Maza ('Iron Hail', 1858-1955) was Minneconjou Lakota, fought in Battle of Little Big Horn as teenager. After George Armstrong Custer's defeat, Wasu Maza followed Sitting Bull into exile in Canada, then back to So Dakota, where he lived on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. When he died in 1955, at age of 96, Dewey Beard was last known Lakota survivor of Battle of Little Big Horn, & last know survivor of Wounded Knee Massacre.

Florence Tsianina Evans (aka Tsianina Redfeather, aka Tsianina Blackstone) - Creek/Cherokee - circa 1925 {Note: This was a publicity photo for Tsianina Blackstone, who was an opera singer who toured the country in the early 1900s with an American composer, Charles Cadman. Cadman and Tsianina gave ""Indian Lectures,"" about native culture and history, and performed Cadman's compositions.}

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