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Edging - just stick polished rocks in concrete. This looks nice and clean

DIY:: Textured Wallpaper on stair risers. A great way to add texture and design to a small space!

Park picnic wine table: It folds up and has a built in handle for carrying. Insert the pointed peg into the ground. Fold the table top over on its wooden hinge. Then, enjoy a nice bottle of wine without concern of where to set your wine bottle or tipping over your glasses. This solid oak table is 12" in diameter and has more than enough room for light snacks!

Woodworking Projects - mroach

Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odor. So much better than chemicals! This site also has 75 other uses for baking soda!

75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda | Life Hackery

photos from each state they visited glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state. so cute!

I love the clever use of candles and a fake mantle to give the illusion of a fireplace. Beautiful wall color too.

An absolutely magical lighting feature. Truly like floating stars since the wires almost disappear. Find em on Amazon

I like that the garage doesn't take up house floor space, but is attached.

Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions) How Brilliant and Awesome is this?

DIY Headboard. Find an interesting branch and mount it to the wall after hanging decorations from it. Love the colors. :-)

Use an old tire to create a small backyard pond. - tomorrows adventures

so, I'd use wire (not tension rods that could one day fall on you) and something flowy and plain, but this would be beautiful

The glitter shitter. The name alone made me laugh. ♥ need to have this in my house!