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Dollmaking French knot eyes next tutorial in the eye making series .... Please subscribe and share with your friends

Dolls clothes tutorial

Cute & Colourful MSD Pattern - Tutorial

So impressed with the extra detail and of what looks to be fine stitching onto the trico to define the features.

poppenondergoed maken tutorial

tutorial and pattern for doll jacket with hood

Mushroom Witch, Phoebe Wahl 2014

Lillian's crochet cardigan- the pattern

poppendraagzak, nederlandse tutorial met gratis patroon.

Hand crafted art doll cloth pose doll Swan by JessQuinnSmallArt

dart in torso to create a sitting doll - fig and me

sewing doll shoulders - fig and me

~ It's late...the light is not perfect to take picture, but I wanted to capture the moment when Hölly is crowned by Juniper... '' Now I pronounce you a fairy frost goddess !!'' said Juniper Fröst with her gentle voice...Hölly was standing still, but her little legs where buzzing with energy !! A FeeVertelaine handmade doll