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Elf on a Shelf - Antic: Grand Entrance with Christmas balloons & ribbon galore. @Sherri Karas Is this my year to get an elf?

I always put black olives on my deviled eggs........why not spiders for halloween

GENIUS! Color coordinated Easter egg hunt. You can only collect your color of egg. Stops one kid from getting all the eggs!

a white stocking with stuffing freaky!!!

DIY ~ Hot glue ornament... Complete instructions, end result is even prettier than this photo. Have to try sprinkling w/ glitter while still hot.

Upside down wine glasses for candle holders. Very cool- and easy!

old crate filled with logs, greens, pinecones, and lights...This would look great on the porch by the front door!

Create bejeweled keys as holiday ornaments and gift tags

Cute way to serve your veg at a house party! "Much cuter than a veggie tray!"

@Suzi Scheboth please try to act surprised and touched when you read this on Mothers Day. It couldn't be more true!

Shhhh.... Proof that the Easter Bunny has been!! A simple stencil + talcum powder!!