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▶ CDC Whistleblower Revealed - YouTube~ the link between autism and vaccines from someone who knows

Most unaware that Catherine Parr was a descendant of royalty.Her father's paternal lineage linked her back to William "the Lion" of Scotland and other Scottish nobility.Through her paternal grandmother,Lady Elizabeth FitzHugh, Catherine Parr was a direct descendant of King Edward III of England (House of Plantagenet) and Philippa of Hainault,Queen consort of England through their son Prince John of Gaunt,Duke of Lancaster/Plantagenet and his mistress, later wife, Katherine Swynford née Roët.

Sweet Rationing, WW2... In 1946, when food was just as short as during the preceding years, bread was added to the ration and the sweet ration was halved. Sweet rationing, which began in 1940, was to continue for another 13 years for residents of Britain.

The Fighting Gillises by Norman Rockwell #art

The Fighting Gillises : Norman Rockwell : Art Scans : Scanopia

Norman Rockwell - The Saturday Evening Post - May 10, 1941 (Note the Agatha Christie book that is beginning in this issue: The Body in the Library)

Saturday Evening Post Covers #950-999

Willie Gillis New Year's Eve, by Norman Rockwell, 1944

Willie Gillis New Year0s Eve - Norman Rockwell -

Fort Wayne, Indiana gal, Carole Lombard, on the last night of her life, at Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis (On Ohio Street between New Jersey and Alabama Streets)- she was raising money for war bonds- January 15, 1942.

Friday Favorite: Artistry of Cole Noble

02 Mar 42: Life magazine runs a photo spread of actress Marilyn Hare and her USO morale-raising mission to kiss 10,000 GIs. She falls short, however, managing to kiss only 733 before her lips give out. Publicity stunts like this were very common on America's home front. Everyone lent whatever talents they had to the war effort. The kisses Marilyn Hare both distributed and received were of the G-rated, on the cheek variety, not that any of the soldiers objected. #WWII #History

WWII Day-By-Day: March 2

A child in Ipswich. Click through to read an interesting short memoir about being a British child during the war ~

A wartime childhood in Ipswich

Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Mrs. Churchill leave St. Paul's Cathedral in London after a Thanksgiving service at the end of World War II in Europe. May 13, 1945.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill by Everett

Winston Churchill II, grandson of Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill, returns to bomb-free London for a visit with his mother. 1942.

LIFE - Google Books

St. Paul's. London. WWII | history | wartime | destruction | historical image | London Blitz | war | WW2 | www.republicofyou...

The London Blitz | Republic of You

Rose Valland, who helped track and recover the art objects shipped through Paris during the Nazi invasion and occupation.

Fascinating post about WWII brothels in Hawaii: "Jean O’Hara, spearheaded a strike which lasted three weeks in July 1942, demanding the basic human rights of American citizens. The prostitutes pointed out that their work was vital to the war effort, and they had already collectively purchased 132,000 dollars in war bonds..."

Couples dancing in the Grand Foyer of the Paris Opera House at the Victory Ball. May, 1946.

2 poor kids in Naples who got cigarettes from GIs, by George Rodger 1944

Florence, Italy, August 1944: Partisans face the camera after moving into the city. The star on their chests tells the story of their ideology. Note the three in the vanguard carrying British Sten guns. Read more: • View topic - Italian resistance movement

Two of some 300 West Virginians recruited by the Farm Security Administration to travel to Upstate New York for the fall harvest of peaches, apples, tomatoes and other crops, part of a “Food for Victory” campaign occasioned by the wartime manpower shortage. Sept 1942. “High school boys and girls going by special train from Richwood, West Virginia, to upper New York state to help bring in the harvest.” Photo by John Collier for the Farm Security Administration ~

In the formative years of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the euthanasia program, codenamed Aktion T4, to eliminate those “unworthy of life”. The first series of murders were by starvation, then lethal injection before finally evolving to the gas chamber and cremation. Unlike in the concentration camps doctors, not soldiers, were put in charge of deciding those who were executed. Over 400,000 Germans were sterilized while just about 200,000 were exterminated for having various me

Once Upon a Time in War