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If Dr Seuss Studied Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles - with Scott Grace

Just like living single mothers, Reaper-moms need to make time for their kids too. A darkly touching look at something we should all do more...spend time with family.

First time I saw this commercial I thought, smart. Now I think Genius. Simple concept, but extremely effective: to just explain the product. My new hero Adam Lisagor.

a world without Facebook...

What a great marketing video! I am sold--wait--I have a beard and I don't shave. If I did, I would sign up for dollar shave club dot com. This is a must see.

Social media truly levels the playing field. Inspiring video from Anne Reuss, who realized that being transparent about herself attracted like minded and open minded colleagues.

Put Down the Duckie - celebrity version

2 year old beagles used in product testing labs rescued and get to see sunlight and grass for the 1st time