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I wish they would have them in Once Upon a Time. But they are kind of new Disney characters

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sassy pants with some smartassy

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That moment when you turn into a ninja because a piece of your hair fell on your arm and you thought it was a spider.

Haaaaaa. I just started playing myself. Best way to understand, right? Now I'm a bit attached to it, though...

What to say when your child blathers on about Minecraft

Oh my goodness! Would be cool, but Elsa needs to get some more clothe on that leg.

Born wired: What are we doing to the next generation? The Matrix, much? The American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends that children under two should not be given screen time. What kind of future do we want for ourselves and our children? Dystopian? Or Enlightened? Let’s put those tablets away–at least until our children are two years old—and foster a healthy lifestyle full of proactive and interactive play, talk time.

iParent. [Photo]

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