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Newborn baby otters--Wittle Baby Hamishes! So cute!

Newborn baby otters

Eco-friendly materials were used throughout to create this Zen spa retreat. A recycled glass mosaic tub face has accents of brown to complement the dark wood vanity in the bathroom. A floor-to-ceiling shower curtain allows a small space to appear much larger. favourite-quotes

Sophie Scholl - quietly standing up to Hitler's Regime; "somebody, after all, had to make a start."

66 Behind the Scenes Pics from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Imgur

Albert Einstein was very slow to speak and his parents feared he wasn’t too bright. One day, when he was sick in bed, they gave him a compass to keep him occupied. The new plaything made him wonder about magnetic fields, which got him interested in physics, and, well, you know the rest.

African-American inventor Elijah the Real McCoy was born in Canada on May 2, 1844, the son of escaped slaves. During his life time McCoy received 57 patents for devices which improved versions of his automatic lubrication process. The high quality of McCoy's inventions gained such notoriety that the phrase "the Real McCoy" was coined to distinguish his inventions from cheap imitations.

How many cats can fit in a bathroom sink? A new Guinness world record?

Supernatural ~ "You're supposed to say 'Jerk'"<-- And Bobby is supposed to say 'Idgit', and Castiel is supposed to say 'Assbutt' (How is this getting so popular)

Top 14 Reasons I Love Leonardo Dicaprio lol this is so funny but true..