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Paper Rockets: To make them you will need paper, glue, scotch tape and a plastic straw. 1. Decorate the paper. 2. Put glue on one of the longer edges. Then role the paper around a pencil starting from the opposite side. 3. Close the top of the rocket with scotch tape. 4. Insert a plastic straw and you are ready to go. Blow and watch them fly around the room. Kids will love this.

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DIY:: Easy Bee Trap For Trapping Yellow Jackets & Hornets-This is Genius !

Use command hooks to hang curtains! Easier than tension rods, and leave no holes or mess on the walls. Great idea!!

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North Carolina's fabulous "Unpacking the CCSS" - for each standard (Math & ELA, at each grade level!), they provide explanations and examples of what instruction for that standard actually looks like.

First day of school! Students receive play dough and a writing paper. They make something from the play dough and write about it while the teacher is managing the details of the first day. Great idea!

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52 Kindness Ideas~ Want to empower children to make the world a kinder place? These 52 ideas can spark a class lesson or provide a list from which students can choose ways to help others. Imagine if each of us performed one extra act of compassion each week. Easy, fun, and inspiring ideas!

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Mustache lollipop! Great party favor for a mystery party.

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Did you know it's Screen-Free Week? Here are 100 fabulous, fun kids' ideas with no screens required. {This is one of the most popular posts on Nurturestore and over 400,000 people have read it!}

100 lunches to make using NO processed foods - Not 100 examples, but several examples that can be infinitely mixed and matched. These are the sorts of lunches that fill me up, keep me going, and are easy on the grocery budget...not to mention it's good for you, without making you look for hard-to-find ingredients or tasteless hippie alternatives. Win/Win in my book. 6/17/2012 #whole30