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21 Things People Who Conceal Carry Know (funny!)

5 Well-behaved concealed carry guns : The Springfield Armory XDS And now back to the semi-autos. Springfield Armory makes the most practical, reliable, and affordable .45 ACP pocket gun on the market. This gun is just slightly larger than guns like the Mustang. The XDS feels larger than it is because of the squared slide. I’ve reached out to 75 yards with the XDS with little effort. And for realistic distances, the XDS is a real good gun. The XDS seems to be selling for around $500.

28GA Taurus Raging Judge. The bastard child of a shotgun and a revolver.

The Take Down Survival Bow & Arrow: 6 Reasons You Should Consider Owning One

Concealed Carry Products for Women - The Well Armed Woman

Colt Anaconda .44mag

Long Term Ammo Storage .22 Rounds Double Bagged w/ Silica Gel Packs before sealing can

Survival Shotguns: 5 Things You Need to Know

That is why I make my own, so I can get PLENTY of practice

world's smallest gun! “SwissMiniGun produced the smallest revolver in the world, as a collector’s item. It has all the same features found on a real-size revolver, except that it does not exceed 2.16-inches (5.5 cm). The fun-sized pistol can fire 2.34 calibre bullets (the smallest rim fire ammunition in the world) at a speed of 270mph, that’s powerful enough to kill at close range.”

Ammo and Gun Collector: American Standard - Bullet Poster Rifle and Handgun Cartridges

American Standard - Bullet Poster Rifle and Handgun Cartridges

PRACTICE! So you have gone out and bought a gun or two or twenty, but have you learned the ins and outs of gun ownership? Do you know how to take your weapons apart, clean them, and then reassemble them? Do you know how to properly handle each and everyone one of your weapons? Do you know home defense tactics with your weapons? How about the choice of weapon for each defensive need? Have you worked on self defense tactics for being away from your home? How about hunting?

Quick Tips: Response to an active shooter great tips for concealed carry