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Your Complete Guide to the VA Home Loan

"The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition by Dr. Gary Chapman with Jocelyn Green. Tentative release date: September 2013. Written with a unique focus towards military marriages. This will be GOOD! #military #marriage" I love the 5 Love Languages! and a military edition?! Even better!

Military Families should know about the "Space-A" flight option. It's not for everyone or every trip, but it can save a lot of money when you do use it. WHY DIDNT I KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER?!

Love e.e.cummings, and this poem is so fitting for my marriage

Marines cross swords as Marine takes a bride, Rome Italy 1962. I had to post this because Brendan and I did this at our wedding also. I love how traditional it is!

13 Veteran-Friendly Deals and Discounts... Will need this soon!!

Military Discounts for your Bucket List!

Check out this interactive graphic that will get you familiar with the different sections and abbreviations on a typical LES statement. Wish I found this sooner, but still very helpful!!

Buying a Foreclosure or Short Sale with a VA Loan ... Might need this in a few years

I need me one of these! So true

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