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The insect world is an astonishing place. So many colors, shapes and patterns. Macros of live insects are endlessly fascinating to me.

the Schmidt pain index, developed by dr Justin Schmidt to rank the pain of the various insect stings he has experienced in his line of work

shield bugs wait for the last two eggs to hatch :-o

caligrapha sp.

Flickriver: Photos tagged with calligrapha

hickory horned devil, the larval form of citheronia regalis

hypercompe scribonia

File:LeopardMothBlueSpots edit1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


Peter Lippmann :: photographer :: CARTIER ART MAGAZINE N°19 /

broscinae hope

transparent insect wings viewed against a black background

Amazing World of Insect-Wing Color Discovered | Science | WIRED

from Eunike Nugroho's sketchbook

white ladybird? or shopped?

Fifteen-Spot Ladybird beetle - Anatis labiculata - BugGuide.Net

camellia shield bug/tea seed bug nymphs, poecilocoris latus

treehoppers - a group of insects related to the cicadas and the leafhoppers

ixora shield bug, catacanthus punctus

spiny orb weaver, gasteracantha arcuata


beetle detail

GIANT earthworm! the glossoscolecidae are a large family of earthworms which has native representatives in south and central America. can reach up to 2 m in length. OMG. is this seriously true??

plagiohammus imperator

tiger beetle, cicindela sp.

male giant harlequin beetle, acrocinus longimanus. will use his elongated forelegs to fight off the competition when guarding females and oviposition sites

fen raft spider, dolomedes plantarius - amazing creature

African heteroptera