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DIY Beauty Recipe - Natural Handmade Coffee Bean Under Eye Cream Recipe for Puffiness, Fine Lines and Dark Circles

Remove all of your makeup and get a clear complexion using ingredients you already have around your house. via @Erin

My great grandmother said that her mother used to do this. When she died she didn't have a gray hair. Teabagging your hair! Blondes: Chamomile; Red: Rooibos; Brunette: Black. Once a week, steep 2 tea bags in 2 cups boiling water for 10 minutes. Let the liquid cool to room temperature. Pour the mixture over wet, just-washed hair, rubbing it through the way you would shampoo. Leave the rinse on for 10 minutes; wash and condition to seal in the silky, glossy results.

How To Style Your Hair When It's Humid. This will be so helpful for vacations

Cute owls ^.^OMG how cute are these owls? And adore the use of ring hole strengtheners!

How to French Braid Your Hair - Step by Step Instructions

How to apply eye shadow properly - great visual

Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape. This technique gives saggy eye bags a bigger lift.

DIY Cascade Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

7 Magical Makeup Products You Might Become Obsessed With:

I like the mini braids and the tutorial for the waterfall part is great

the best products- according to a makeup artist