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Funny Family Ecard: My parents used to tell me they hoped one day I'd have a daughter just like me. Well played, Mom and Dad, well played.

Identity Thief - Singing to the Radio - because this is how we all do it and you know it

I may have gotten fat after high school. I also got several college degrees, a good job, and a happy marriage. Congratulations on being skinny though!

Just laughed out loud so hard.

My parents think they’re funny…

Funny Flirting Ecard: I am literate, I like beer, I have dogs and a valid driver's license. Plus, I'm really good at parallel parking. I'm kind of a catch.

I wish I was still young enough to want to set the world on fire. But I'm in my 30's with kids, I just want to be in bed by 10pm. Feels like I'm 30 sometimes....

thank god someone thinks it's adorable

Here's 59 Ways You Know You're in Your 30s. Don't thank me, some of them are firmly in the "sad but true" category. Cheers to my fellow 30-somethings!

This is how I felt today. Not because I was sick but because it was my day off and I did with it what I please. Absolutely nothing.

I already know this without having kids. I don't know what in the world I would do if I had to be around kids full time.

its just money quotes | ... want to spend money but I want to buy stuff, funny quotes - Dump A Day

Funny Ecard: I knew he was The One when he looked deep into my eyes and whispered, 'Let's go to Target...'