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Homestead & Survival...

It's our right to's nature..Hunting...Wish I had a farm.....Frugal living....Simple living....My site Chuckwagon and Camp Food has lots of recipes and how to cook with cast iron cookware outdoors. Another board..Canning and Farmstand Favorites is on the list With Homesteading recipes....we camped for over 55 years.....Surviving is extreme Camping.....The Outdoors misses you...Fishing is on another board....Tiny house are on Camping and Glamping....

Lehman's - Hand-Cranked Blender Enjoy the convenience of blending healthy, delicious foods and beverages anywhere, without electricity!

Hand-Cranked Blender

The Poor Man's Refrigerator--A fridge for the common man that does not require electricity and keeps food fresh too. With this basic parameter in mind Mansukhbhai came up with Mitticool, a fridge made of clay. It works on the principle of evaporation. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side, and gets evaporated taking away heat from the inside , leaving the chambers cool.

The Poor Man’s Refrigerator

Well WaterBoy Products | Products for off grid living, deep well hand pumps, human powered machines

Off-Grid Products for Self-Reliance

portable solar power. Charge and Operate Cell Phones, Laptops, Radios, GPS Tracking Systems, Lighting, Camping Gear and More...• Solar ReChargeable • USB/AC/DC Power• Portable • Self-contained• Emergency Power Source Has a built in high brightness 3 watt LED light for ease of use in the dark. Stores 18AH of power, rechargable through the 18watt solar panel. $599

Survival Warehouse - Solar Power Portable System

Survival for Dummies 101: Building a Bug out Bag/Survival Kit

Survival for Dummies 101: Building a Bug out Bag/Survival Kit

A must-read for any of us who have considered the idea of living off the grid and are interested in reading first hand accounts of people actually doing it – not just theories on the idea. Also, Rosen runs the website, a valuable resource to anyone looking into the off grid lifestyle.

Book Review: Off The Grid By Nick Rosen.

Off Grid- Hand Crank Mixer - Food Processor

Off Grid- Hand Crank Mixer - Food Processor | Food Processor

snake trap I figured if anyone else hadn’t already thought this one up I’d share it and maybe it can help others save a few birds and eggs.

"Squirrel Fricassee with Elderberry, Juniper, and Wild Onion Gravy. The slow cook over moist heat makes for tender meat every time."

Buttermilk fried squirrel

22 Trees That Can Be Tapped for Sap and Syrup

22 trees that can be tapped for sap and syrup

Endless hot water without electricity

Endless hot water without electricity - Preparing for shtf

Fried Squirrel with Gravy

Fried Squirrel with Gravy

Planning Your Homestead

Planning Your Homestead - Survival at Home

"Planning the Homestead Orchard" by Ed Mashburn

"Planning the Homestead Orchard" by Ed Mashburn page one