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Homestead & Survival...

It's our right to's nature...Wish I had a farm.......My site..Chuckwagon and Camp Food has lots of recipes and how to cook with cast iron cookware outdoors. Another board..Canning and Farmstand Favorites is on the list With Homesteading recipes....we camped for over 55 years.....Surviving is extreme Camping.....The Outdoors misses you...Also Wild Game and Hunting board, How to dress or butcher animals for consumption....

Planning a small farm home, old book online, obviously prices have changed but an interesting quick reed about having your own small family farm, like the advice about how many chickens and goats to have to feed a family of 4 for the year

Planning a small farm home

▶ Why The Rain Gutter Grow System Is Like No Other Gardening System In The World! - YouTube

Skills and Knowledge After SHTF - Most Modern Day Skills Will be WORTHLESS in a Post-Collapse Society! Consider Learning These Other Skills to Survive...

Skills and Knowledge After SHTF (link)

Announcing our 2013 Homesteaders of the Year! Prepare to be inspired. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Sustainable Living in August: Hand-dipped Beeswax Candles. If you roll the dipped wicks on a flat surface at an early stage, they become and stay straight (unlike the ones on this blog).

The Hope in Homesteading, Part 2: What Fruit Will You Bear? | Gnowfglins: "How do we work in a way that brings glory to God? I don’t want my words to be empty sayings -- words and phrases that sound good and Christian but aren’t very clear. I’ve pondered his questions for many nights and this is my attempt to answer them." | #prepbloggers #hope #inspiration

The Hope in Homesteading, Part 2: What Fruit Will You Bear?

Emergency Power Options for Your Home | Common Sense Homesteading: "After storm Sandy hit the east coast, it took over a week to get parts of Long Island back in operation. The bigger the outage, the longer repairs are likely to take." | #prepbloggers #offgrid #power

Emergency Power Options for Your Home

The Magic of a Great Homestead Community with the Homesteader Hub | Check out this amazing project to connect homesteaders and build community across the country! | Montana Homesteader | #prepbloggers #homesteading

The Magic of a Great Homestead Community - Montana Homesteader

Use sugar instead of lighter fluid - Once sugar is exposed to a flame, it decomposes rapidly and releases a fire-friendly chemical that can help ignite that stubborn charcoal. Simply apply a light dusting of sugar to the coals before you light them.

winter-survival-shelter + lots of other survival tips – Your Online Survival Kit!

Buy Local for the holidays. Buy American-made.

Resolve to buy American-made for the next 10 years! Change America in TEN!


How to Perform CPR the correct way, with Martha Stewart and Lipica Shah of the Red Cross.

How A T-shirt Could Save Your Life In A Disaster - The Homestead Survival - how to turn a t shirt into a dust mask that can save your respiratory system during a disaster that stirs up debris long enough for you to evacuate the area. SHTF

Designed by a nurse, this First Aid Kit will have you prepared for just about any emergency you could encounter. Tons of great ideas on what to include for your own! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons