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Tell your kids if they don't be quiet and go to sleep the monsters will get them. Then point to the eyes in the tree! Parenting tips #102

More Life Hacks Here! - Life Hackable

HOW TO MAKE A "CELTIC KNOT" HEADBAND what you’ll need: old tshirts – any color, combo (could also use fabric, rope, yarn, etc.) cutting mat & rotary cutter (plain ‘ol scissors would work just fine too) glue gun & glue ..... For step by step INSTRUCTIONS follow this PIN to its origin.

knotted jersey headband tutorial - Love Stitched

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Sometimes, when it’s hard to let go, it helps to have something to hold onto. I LOVE this idea!

Mini Pinata DIY... use an empty kleenex box!

Card table makeover -unscrewed the table top, and stretched a vinyl table cloth over, stapled it down underneath and trimmed the edges.