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Lessons in Listening

Follow directions to place bandaids on a toy and combine with prepositions (between puppy's eyes, behind puppy's ears). Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Phonics Generalizations are phonics rules that are taught to emerging readers to help them learn letter combination sounds to increase reading and spelling ability. Theodore Clymer researched over 45 phonics generalizations and found that only 18 were proven to be true at least 75% of the time. This goes hand-in-hand with how difficult the English language can be because there are so many rules and what works in one situation, often doesn't in another. Below are the 18 Phonics Generalizations...

Tell stories based on the pictures you find in clouds. Includes example story and tips.

Story re telling rope. Such a great idea to prompt students to look for characters setting etc when re telling stories.

Have the children record their voices while reading with this "Easi-Speak" microphone, or any other recording device. Then let them play it back and listen. They usually want to try it again to make it BETTER! :)

Following Directions Boards - Print, laminate, add Velcro, and give directions. Can also use for answering "where" questions.