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Muscular Women

This exploitation of female sexuality in advertising has negative consequences for women. Images of thin models seen, for example, in TV and magazine advertisements, and good-looking muscular men appear daily in magazines, films and television. Thanks to beauty pageants such as “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”, as well as locally organised beauty pageants, teenage girls now define beauty by the shape and size of their bodies with the impression that being skinnier is you for you!

"Myth: If you want to put on muscle and burn fat, you should shun all carbs. Truth: Never mind the late Dr. Atkins - you need carbs to build a lean, muscular physique. Much of that, according to Skolnik, is because carbohydrates are the primary fuel for muscle cells during high-intensity workouts. A revved-up gym session burns a ton of calories and stimulates muscle growth, both of which translate into a leaner, meaner you. Take away all the pasta, rice and potatoes and your muscles may be f...

Women do NOT have the levels of testosterone necessary to “bulk up” the way men do. LIFT WEIGHTS if you want to be “tone” “lean” or “muscular”. Spending hours on the cardio will NOT “tone” you… Just like picking up a heavy dumbbell will NOT make you blow up the next day like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It takes YEARS to develop bodybuilder-size muscle and that is with intense, consistent training, diet, steroids oftentimes and an extreme lifestyle commitment!

This is something you do not expect in a woman. Yes, there are may muscular women out there, but if you are a woman and your muscles start to become like this picture...then it just does not look right.

Rachel Seeker - Do you have what it takes to catch this motorcycle-riding badass's eye?

luisita leers The circus artist and powerwoman Luisita Leers was born into a circus family - her mother was Gertrude Reichenbach who appeared with acrobatic act. Luisita Leers conquered the circus world with her acrobatic performing arts in the 20s and she impressed with a muscular physique which was only seldom existing for women at that time.

Erin Stern - From one of my all time favorite photo shoots showing Erin training hard and heavy. Proving that without the drugs women just can't become "too muscular". Cardio eats muscle, and muscle eats fat and creates shape. Go figure.

Chrissy Scobi on how to flirt at the gym and her favorite body part

Taylor… And even in contest body mode, she still isn’t muscular @ todays post > www.stayfitbuzz.c...

This is probably my favorite "Transformation of the Week" on; she includes an achievable/realistic meal plan (not just "eggs every meal" etc. like other women), and has the balanced/cute/muscular body I'm aiming for! Definitely inspiring.