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Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte

Podcaster, broadcaster, tech pundit. The Tech Guy on the Premiere Radio Networks. Founder and Chief TWiT on the TWiT Netcast Network.

Classic. Beautiful.

Toddy cold brewed coffee system ($40) - cold brewing takes all day but produces a much less acid drink.

  • maia

    this is what Seattle's Best uses for iced drinks! (or it did when it was in Borders...)

The original paleo guy

I've been looking for one of these for ages. A modern take on a old-fashioned tool.

  • Kevin Boutelle

    A solid state, pen based, note taking appliance. I like it!

  • Jenifer Cappello

    Not so old fashioned, I'm not all that old fashioned, but I do keep a pad of paper next to my laptop to make notes and things on. The pen will never die!

  • Loren Shirk

    These are sweet, but I rode too many miles on motorcycles.... Now I need lumbar support! Frontgate has a similar stool with a back that is beautiful!

Little Square Mic - USB and XLR

  • Eric Standlee

    Nice, but I'd have to go to Austin to buy this??? It isn't available unline?

  • Chris Porter

    Isn't this the one Chris Marquardt was using that Bob Heil was complaining about?

Ice Light - Portable LED continuous lighting

Nikon D800

Rimowa Topas Titanium 22.5" Cabin Multiwheel Spinner Aluminum

Crazy legs coffee table

  • Stan Fry

    Obi-Wan said it looked like it was from Empire Designs!

  • Thomas Mansfield

    It's supposed to be an impressionist rendition of the lower part of a ballerina, isn't it?

Hudson's Bay Point Blanket - California king size!

24-bit FLAC recordings for the new stereo. Next best thing to vinyl.

$15K and worth every penny.