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Dionysus's second cousin -- patron deity of college students

Sonic Bed - allows you to sink into your bed and fall into a trance like state listening to music or low base frequencies that flow trough your body

10th Doctor Who Meme | 10th Doctor Doctor Who Doctor meme Meme Advice Doctor

Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge

Definitely less ashamed.

The Real McCoy - Dammit Jim! I'm a ____, not a _____! star trek name tag silly doctor leonard mccoy geek nerd tos

Nikola Tesla's patents for aircraft, ships, railways, autos, and more | TechRepublic

awesome XD

Moriarty & Sherlock. The Great Game. Love this.. I think this is one of the best parts of the episode

Perfect couples do exist…

And it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently "my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them" and not "are my friends okay?" - xkcd 2/6/13