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Little Pot Guard critters prevent overflows....would make great stocking stuffers!

Produce: What to buy organic and what to buy conventional. GREAT list to have!!

When buying fruit and veggies, always soak them in a 1:4 ratio of vinegar and water to help remove toxins and pesticides. Leave them soaking for up to an hour, longer with nonorganic apples. At the end of the bath, sometimes you can even see cloudy like stuff in the water from the skins and waxes, and dirt on the bottom. I need to start doing this!

The Magic Corn Trick ~ The corn will just slide out leaving the silk and all of the husks intact. I KNOW this pin will be handy very soon :)

#Watermelon sticks, perfect for little hands. A finger food perfect for picnics or potlucks #Watermelon, #KitchenTips, #Summer, #Food, #Clea...

Perfect Grilled Steak - For juicy meat and a great crust, choose a thicker cut such as rib eye. Because this type of steak takes longer to cook, it will have time to develop a nice sear.

The Proper Way to Peel a Banana-- I did not know there was a proper way. Teach me something new.

7-11 Convenience Stores Have A Free Slurpee Day - I can't wait!

Get the Full Flavor of Salt on Your Fries

Picking Between Peppers with 3 Bumps and 4 Bumps _ Did you know this?I didn't know this. OMG!

Use a Turkey Baster to Squeeze Out Batter

Prevent Food from Sticking on the Grill

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Using Ice Cube Trays

Coffee Makers Can Boil Vegetables and Other Foods

Quickly Ripen Bananas in the Oven by Baking on a Sheet for 10 Minutes

Infographic: Do You Know Everything Your KitchenAid Mixer Can Do?

Turns any veggie into spaghetti: zucchini, squash, carrots etc. Neat little kitchen gadget!

Most factory made ramen noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and food additive frequently to preserve cheap processed foods. A gastrointestinal specialist conducted an experiment with a time lapse video inside the stomach, comparing both fresh and preserved ramen noodles. After two hours of digestion, the results were staggering.