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Books Worth Reading

Pivot Principal: A Principal's Guide to Excellence: Lori Perez: 9781475806472: Books

Don't keep it lady, it's bad road. Miles and miles of bad road...

what are you talking about its obviously a Basilisk...silly muggles

It is the entire text of The Hobbit, redacted to the 100 most used words, with their size being indicative of their frequency with in it.

"Tolkien reads Namárië — Galadriel's lament — giving us a first-hand pronunciation of the Elvish tongue Quenya and a feel for the poem's rhythm."

The Stars of The Hobbit Read The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins - I am pinning this for Benedict's Gandalf impression. BEST. THING. EVER. XD

Stocking Face Tug A War, the last person with a stocking on his head is the winner - Fun Ninja Youth Group Games | Fun Ninja Youth Group Games

Funny Pictures – 35 Pics