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The absolute BEST bath-toy storage device EVER! Not only is it adorable to look at, it is fun for the munchkin to open and close retrieving toys. PLUS, it is easily relocated when the bath needs use from the household adults. Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch | One Step Ahead

Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch $25

19 Things We Should Say to Our Children...absolutely LOVE this! Number 4 is something I need to memorize.

Christmas Eve Surprise Box. Include: new pajamas, Christmas movie, popcorn, mugs, hot chocolate, marshmallows, Christmas book. Cute family tradition!!

Sprinkler fun for kids! All you need is PVC, a drill, and a hose! Brilliant!

Toddler Lunches: Going Beyond Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, and PBJ Sandwiches. A good "go to" list when you are too tired to be creative:)

Lots of really good ideas for road trips. Some of these are freakin' brilliant!

67 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10. This is a great list!

25 Free Backyard Playground Plans for Kids: Playsets, Swingsets, Teeter Totters and more!

This mama was tired of her girls asking for a drink of water every two seconds and pulling new cups out of the cupboard. So she thought…why not make cups that stick on the fridge with magnets? They can grab a cup, get their own water, then stick it back in the same spot. If these exist in stores, I've certainly never seen it. Genius!