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How to tie a toga...I freaking need a toga now.

10-Piece Basic Wardrobe Challenge -I'm not sure that I'm crazy about these particular 10 pieces (they're a little momish for me) but the idea is definitely something I need to take under consideration. I've got way too much crap and still never have anything to wear.

Ever notice how the men's section of dress shirts is endless, and the women's is... well, maybe you can find three or four colors? Problem solved! How to tailor a men's shirt to fit a woman. I'll be hitting up the resale shops to get some cheap men's shirts.

Lace top over dress love this look

So obvious and yet i had to look it up. :) How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots. Finally getting them flat and not giving you fat ankles.💜

Southern wedding - monogrammed veil this is so happening....

Lace top over dress love this look