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Pin Disclaimer

Spammers are trying to ruin Pinterest. Already many board owners have given up trying to fight them and quit. We must help them fight so we don’t lose our favorite boards. It will only take a few minutes to report these creeps but the board owners work hours to keep them clean for us. Check all of the boards frequently, especially on the weekends and when they post span, jump right on it. Pinterest does listen to us but they can’t find the rotten ones unless we tell them. Let’s fight back!

  • B. Schroeder

    AGREE! Hate a pin that deceitfully leads to a totally unrelated site; essentially placing free ad on Pinterest. Feel Pinterest should NOT be a place to advertise a person's goods, wares, not even Etsy in my opinion (use their pins simply as inspiration to reproduce; if I want to buy goods, I will be on Etsy not Pinterest!) I am even aggravated by blogs that pin an item from another blog but take you to their site first for the link - give credit where due directly on Pinterest please.