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Letha Cannon

Letha Cannon

I am a mom of three beautiful children and happily in love with my best friend! Teaching and working in Disaster Relief have captured my heart!

Funny ecard - My week in a nutshell

I wonder if she knows that kid’s dad. | 18 Children’s Notes Made Hilariously Inappropriate By Spelling Errors

Jennifer Aniston's Long Layers WHAT THE PROS LOVE That length—below the collarbone 
but above the breasts—is very flattering. And you can create 
any style with it, up or down, 
says Trygstad. WHO IT WORKS FOR It balances most face shapes lengthwise, 
but it won’t do much to offset a wider one.

Funny Ecard: My friends are all posting things on Facebook about getting engaged, married and having babies… I’m over here like, “here’s more pictures of my cat”.

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Hahahaha...people suck