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The following chart explains why children misbehave and how teachers or other adults should approach each child based on why they are exhibiting the behavior: Positive Discipline emphasizes that effective discipline allows teachers to recognize the reasons why children do what they do rather than merely attempting to change the behavior. With this system, teachers are empowered to dig deeper and help students get to the root of their problems versus just take care of them on the surface.

Transition box, possible idea for kids with multiple discipline therapies, and problems transitioning

Spider's Web discovery basket. A Super Fun sensory activity which also builds dexterity and problem solving skills. LOVE this idea!!!!

The project consists of photographing the american sign language alphabet one letter at the time, and integrating a fun character that starts with the same letter. Alex Solis.

Have the students pick a number. Count that number of sticks. Make a design and recreate it with the same color markers on paper. Love all of the components! Great for creative fine motor practice

Stick the spider in the web. Use a hole punch to make a hole on the edge of the plate & use a piece of string or a pipe cleaner to hang your web.

Helpful tips for new school-based OTs, including suggestions for how to set up your schedule at the beginning of the year!

Match shapes to outlines on cardboard. You can extend this by sorting the shapes or talking about the different attributes of shapes. You can even use the felt shapes to combine and make new shapes and objects once your child is older.

200+ activities for 1-4 year olds. Prepare yourself- This blogger will make you feel like you are a crappy mom because she does so many cool activities

How to Make Therapy Fun - Ways to Motivate Past the 'No'! This picture has you putting shapes/colors on Jenga blocks so each time a kid pulls out a Jenga block they have to do the activity associated with that color/shape (like "jumping jacks" for triangles, "five" for orange, so an orange triangle would be five jumping jacks).