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2-3 years old

A collaborative board full of preschool play and learning activities for 2-3 year old kids.

Finally outgrown the diaper bag? What to pack in your purse and car when you're in the middle of potty training! Love these tips.

This is a ton of fun!! Make a doll rocket backpack for your kids toy, using bottles.

Help foster independence in your 1-2 year old baby with some of these activities

prank idea - plastic wrap toys - These are HILARIOUS!! Lots of pranks for kids to do on each other - perfect for April Fools!

This is THE list for all kids and parents - 50 Fun Everyday Activities for Preschoolers

a better bedtime routine -- great post and TONS of info in comments on how to get kids to go to bed

2 & 3 year old preschoolers love the tactile exploration that comes with SLIME... Make your own slime, gak, goop, etc with these DIY recipes for play.

My kids feel so special cooking with me in the kitchen - here is a recipe/activity for some quality "cooking" time

Only 2 ingredients needed to make this paint! And your paintings come out super glossy/shiny when dry. #jugglingwithkids #paint