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Women throughout history who we admire and who inspire. These women paved the way/are paving the way for future generations of women.

Yes, we still need feminism: men are still trying to control women.

  • Mattie Busby

    So because I'm against slaughtering millions of unborn babies, I'm against women? I wish this group could stay politically neutral-- I really enjoy the professional pieces but I don't feel like it's worth following this group anymore just to read one opinion over and over again. So much for empowering professional women...

  • Lauren O'Connor

    Hi Mattie. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. This picture is not necessarily saying that abortion is right or wrong, but pointing out that it isn't fair that the overwhelming majority of the people who get to make the rules will never be directly affected by those same rules.

  • Jennifer Mancia

    Mattie is not alone in her perception/opinion. My instant reaction was to be unaffiliated with Levo based on this pin. Many won’t take time to read the comments.

  • Mattie Busby

    Well this isn't the first pin from this group that errs on the side of pro abortion. Just wish they'd offer more than just one opinion. But it's okay, I've just chosen to unfollow and ignore from now on.