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Marvel Super-Soldier Real program. Seriously, what do they feed these men?!

Marvel Super-Soldier Real program

Captain America realizes Tony Stark is always serious about security. In his own way. (Avengers Annual)

The Best Avengers Memes And Comics From Around The Web...

The Best Avengers Memes And Comics From Around The Web

Vintage Batman villains… This is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Vintage Batman villains…

Marvel Movies and their real titles (aka Coulson's everywhere!)

Pirouette, Cap! Pirouette!

Come on Thor.

Well, It's All Over for Thor

As has always been the case, I don't require your help. #PeggyCarter

Young Justice: Batman and Robin comparisons

Avengers morphing from their comic form to their actors....this is awesome

Well done, Internet! You found it! This is THE REASON I want Thor 2 in my movie collection.

Batgirl & Supergirl go trick-or-treating

Ahahahaaa, poor guy. You know he thought this too. Then he just made it worse and worse.

Probably the best part of Iron Man 3, next to RDJ's face of course. And HIS one liners....but still, a close third ;)

Dick grayson, former robin, now nightwing. Love him.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Poor Steve.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier by caycowa on deviantART


Bucky remembers something by silvanoir on deviantART

She is my favorite halloween makeup go to! Go follow her on youtube madeyewlook

Cool paint Cosplay