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  • Lori Sorrentino

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting?! There is so much misinformed people out there's that just don't understand that we as sufferers live in pain on a daily basis! There is so much ignorance out there. 20 plus yrs ago and as an RN I would have some empathy from the health care system!? . Not true! I was told to see a psychiatrist. And it was an injury sustained from a 300 lb nursing home resident that myself and 3 other people lifted off the floor! It ended up a work mans comp issue, but after 3 months the doctors at workmans comp were frustrated and washed their hands of it. It took me 6 months plus until a rheumatologist diagnosed me. The pain and humiliation endured saddens me even now. I still work but now have multiple chronic back problems including stenosis of my cervical and lumbar spine. Sad, in a world that is suppose to be so intellectual when it comes to the medical field are so unkind and remain so ignorant!!

haha I love it when someone calls my stuff my own personal pharmacy.