Central/South America: Tin Lanterns would look lovely decorating the trees and tables around the Central and South American area! This could even be a craft for all with real tin cans for older people and cardboard containers for the little ones.

for painting monograms. Finally found it!

chandeliers by Haygarth

amazing chandeliers by stuart haygarth! (this one from discarded plastic water bottles)

Air Vase by Torafu Architects This is a paper container that can be stretched into a vase, plate, or bowl. The paper is a different color on each side so the figure appears to change color when viewed from various angles. It can be folded compactly into a disk when not in use.

Mom plants the seed of love, she nurtures life. This reclaimed silver pendant cast from a real beech seed found in Central Park is a beautiful way so say "Thank you." Also perfect for a mama-to-be!

Love the rustic look of these mason jar lights...make 'em to brighten up your garden or porch.

I love these fun monograms. I stole the idea for our wedding programs.

The combo of 2 things every Southern Belle loves: monograms & football: Monogrammed necklaces in SEC team colors. I'm dying. $58

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